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Angel in Disguise?

What can be worse than blowing a tire on a dark stretch of interstate at 2 A.M.? Plenty can, but to two weary women traveling alone with no civilization in sight, over 100 miles away from completing our 1,480-mile round-trip … Continue reading

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Today is a milestone birthday for me. I’ve now been alive for 600 months. That’s 2,609 weeks . . . or 18,262 days. Yet no matter how I break down the math, I’ve lived a half century. There! I admitted … Continue reading

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Pause to Honor

I’ve never been to war. Not the official kind declared by Congress and waged between countries, that is.  But a war has landed in my lap, nonetheless. In an odd stroke of fortune, a family member’s private treasury of World … Continue reading

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The Most Fragrant Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” Mark Twain may or may not have penned those words, but he often receives credit for them.  Regardless of who created the metaphor, it is a … Continue reading

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With Love

Have you heard the whispers? They’re rustling in the seasonal aisles and near the check-out counters. Scads of heart-themed products—candies, balloons, jewelry, and more—are competing for our attention this week. Listen! There they go again. “February 14 is almost here. … Continue reading

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