Blessings from the Top of the Tree

by Delia Latham
(c) 2008

Pecan Tree Top

(c) Can Stock Photo

It was a humdinger of a windstorm—unusually rough for around these parts. Not quite tornado severity, but still forceful enough to knock down a few trees, tear off a bunch of roof tiles and stir up some pretty nasty allergies.

Given my husband’s severe lung problems, winds have become something to dread, as they often bring on a week or so of breathing difficulty. Needless to say, we were not happy about the storm.

A couple of days later, however, Aunt Vera dropped by our place, both arms piled high with plastic grocery bags, all stuffed full of pecans from the trees in her backyard.

canstockphoto14570882 Pecan Tree branch

(c) Can Stock Photo

I helped her unload them onto the kitchen counter while she explained the unexpected gift. “They were all over my lawn, after that wind the other night. I couldn’t just let them lie there, when I know how much my nephew loves pecan pies.”

I chuckled. The sweet lady has known my husband all his life. She is well aware of his gigantic sweet tooth.

All of the nuts within her reach had been harvested prior to the storm. The pecans now gracing my countertop came from the upper branches. “They would have rotted without that storm. I’m just not able to reach the ones up high.” She gave a little shake of her head and a wry twist of her lips. “I’m not as young as I used to be, you know.”

After Aunt Vera hugged me and took her leave, I looked at those three jam-packed plastic bags, stuffed full of potential pies and other delectable desserts—and I saw them in a whole new light. They were the fruit of the storm…blessings from the top of the tree.

I found myself smiling, grateful for the lesson Aunt Vera had provided, though she had no idea she’d done or said anything memorable. But her gift had struck a chord within my heart…a new awareness that many good things in life are beyond our reach – like those tasty nuts on the top branches of the pecan trees. But God has a way of shaking them loose and raining them down all around us, even if he has to send a whirlwind to make it happen.

Thanks to Aunt Vera’s generosity and simple wisdom, I now try to look at the storms of life through less jaded eyes.

During the blizzard, toppled trees and destruction to property fill our vision. Sometimes it’s difficult to look past the nasty weather, the blowing garbage, and the allergic reactions.

While the wind blows, it’s hard to remember that after the storm, God always sends a rainbow. After the winds, we reap the sweet-smelling, clean air and sunshine.

After He tries us, He showers us with good things… things that were previously out of our grasp.

Lord, help us to hold on and just survive the storm. When it’s over, You shower us with blessings from the top of the tree.

Proverbs 10:6 – Blessings are upon the head of the just…

canstockphoto8551092 Slice Pecan Pie

(c) Can Stock Photo


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