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Swept Away

Faith-filled Friends has two special guests with us today, Laura V. Hilton and Cindy Loven. They’re here to talk about their new release Swept Away and to give away a special gift that you don’t want to miss! Thank you Cindy and Laura … Continue reading

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When Life and Fiction Collide

I was in a hurry. Shortly before a meal I’d intentionally planned to be simple, I received new and crucial information that turned my easy preparations into a grease-splattering mess. The food: Nachos, an easy, widely enjoyed finger food that … Continue reading

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Stories that Ask for More by Eileen Rife

  Have you ever asked yourself why you read? Maybe you love a good mystery simply for the delicious spine-tingling suspense, or a horror story for the sheer terror the villain evokes. Perhaps you enjoy a love story that makes … Continue reading

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Sherlock, Shakespeare and Saxons

I am a word nerd. I love words. I love grammar. I love etymology. I love vocabulary. I know the difference between nauseous and nauseated, fewer and less, affect and effect. I know when to use who and whom. I cringe … Continue reading

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Literacy Decline?

Oh, the changes that have come to modern literature! Sentences and paragraphs have gotten shorter. White space has increased. The stakes have gotten higher, for if they didn’t, our texting, tweeting, movie-watching culture wouldn’t read past page one. Are we … Continue reading

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The Making of a Writer

It’s no secret, I love books. In fact, this affinity could border on an obsession. Or an addiction. Likely both. Actually, I love words period. When I was a kid, my dad and I would go for walks. Skips, actually, … Continue reading

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