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When Life and Fiction Collide

I was in a hurry. Shortly before a meal I’d intentionally planned to be simple, I received new and crucial information that turned my easy preparations into a grease-splattering mess. The food: Nachos, an easy, widely enjoyed finger food that … Continue reading

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Sherlock, Shakespeare and Saxons

I am a word nerd. I love words. I love grammar. I love etymology. I love vocabulary. I know the difference between nauseous and nauseated, fewer and less, affect and effect. I know when to use who and whom. I cringe … Continue reading

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Glorious Discomfort

At first glance, the building didn’t look so scary. If it had, my friend and I probably wouldn’t have gone in. Or at least we would’ve prayed long and hard before we did. But shortly after we’d stepped into the dark … Continue reading

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The Making of a Novel

They say men plumpen up their first year of marriage. In fact, back in my newly wed days, I heard this was a sign of happiness. You probably know the cliché: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” … Continue reading

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The Most Fragrant Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” Mark Twain may or may not have penned those words, but he often receives credit for them.  Regardless of who created the metaphor, it is a … Continue reading

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A Heart Of Fear

Back in February, I was up late one night writing a post for Elaine Stock’s blog Everyone’s Story. It was difficult to say the least, spilling my heart and fears onto the page. So much so I almost didn’t send … Continue reading

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With Love

Have you heard the whispers? They’re rustling in the seasonal aisles and near the check-out counters. Scads of heart-themed products—candies, balloons, jewelry, and more—are competing for our attention this week. Listen! There they go again. “February 14 is almost here. … Continue reading

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